Where can you find IDI clients?

Income protection is an important topic to talk about – and most people have a need for individual disability insurance (IDI). So, how can you find clients to talk to – and expand your business? Prospects are all around you!

4 tips to find income-protection clients

  1. Talk to existing clients – You’ve already built trust and know their needs, so contact high-income earners, like attorneys, CPAs, veterinarians and engineers.
  2. Use LinkedIn to your advantage – Search for connections by employer and industry, then ask your connections to introduce you to those you have mutual interests with.
  3. Be visible in your community – Host a booth, organize an event or volunteer and network with local leaders.
  4. Attend organized events – Seek out civic and professional groups and associations that cater to specific demographics and occupations, like business owners or architects.
  5. Identify key markets and learn how to engage with them.

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